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I.P.F.I.I.'s formation - history


When was IPFII formed?

Ikatan Perusahaan Film Iklan Indonesia (the Association of Commercial Film Production companies in Indonesia) was finally formed on 15 May 2007 at a declaration attended by 22 production companies whose main business is that of production of TV commercials.

The meeting was attended by: 25 Frames, Absolute Pictures, Applebox Productions, Baaroqa Film, Fast Films (via proxy), Gama Pratama, Gravity, Inno Maleo, Jakarta Pelangi, Kemistry, Kreasi Cinema, Lynx Films, Mustika Productions, Nayfosindo, Netracom, Orange-Waterland, Passion Pictures, RT Films, Square Box, Velocity, Visi Caldecott, Worksindo.

In the presence of the Notaries Pak Dhody, and the Advocate and Legal Adviser Pak Baginda, the Anggaran Dasar (Memorandum of Association) was read out and accepted by all attendees. The following persons were elected into the first Presidium of IPFII and appointed to sign the the Anggaran Dasar:-
Rina of Gama Pratama, Bunda of Kreasi Cinema, Asih of 25 Frames, Toni Sianipar of Sniper Films, Kemal of Lynx Films

The attendees then signed the declaration in the presence of the Notaries, and the elected Presidium members signed the Anggaran Dasar. Toni Sianipar consented via phone.

The Presidium was given the mandate to convene the 1st Congress within three months from this declaration.

As far back as 1996, production companies of TV commercials tried to form some kind of alliance, prompted by the Unilever “preferred suppliers” program. Main players then were Katena, Axis, Pegasus and Square Box which were the first group of preferred suppliers admitted into the program. This didn’t come to fruition and another group of companies PRS, Jakarta Pelangi, Katena, ADA Productions and some others continued with the effort before the economic crisis of 1997 threw the industry into disarray.

Sometime in the middle of last year (2006), a group of production companies decided to rekindle this idea. The first General Meeting (GM) of TVC production companies was convened at the Park Lane Hotel at the end of July 2006. Three other GMs ensued which saw the election of two committees: one for drafting the Charter of the association and another to organize the Congress.

“The Advertising agencies have had their association for several decades; the advertisers who are the ones spending on productions and media buy formed theirs in 2005 (APII, which changed its name to APPINA later); the crew working in TV commercials formed theirs (APFII) in 2006, spurred somewhat by the demise of Renaissance Films Jakarta. So why not IPFII” says Rina Syafrina, one of the members of the first elected Presidium of IPFII and Chairperson of the committee responsible for drafting the Charter (AD/ART). “IPFII was conceived to serve and protect the interests of members who are primarily involved in the production of advertising film production”, she added.

“The national film industry is regulated by a set of laws and regulations but commercial film production companies operate under different constraints. To start with, TVC production companies produce commercials dictacted by their clients, which are advertising agencies commissioned by their clients to build their brands and sell their products. No philosophy or propaganda is involved, other than that of brand building or moving inventory” added Rina.

“We’re different from Indonesian sinetrons or feature films”, added Ida Mediana, another member of the Presidium and more fondly known as Bunda. “We don’t influence the viewers beyond the scope dictated by ad agencies and clients. We’re not dictated by what networks want to air, nor what theatres want to release, purely by what the ad agencies and clients feel is best for the objectives at hand”, she added.

What are IPFII’s objective

“We presented a list of objectives of IPFII at the first GM at Park Lane and the more than 30 production companies present agreed, approved and adopted them as our objectives”, said Asih Dewayani, another member of the Presidium. These objectives are:-
• To create a level playing field in the industry so as to encourage and promote fair competition amongst all PHs.
• To offer agencies and clients a group of production companies of good standing, reputation and credibility as their suppliers, so they can have peace of mind when awarding jobs.
• To protect the interests of production companies within the Association
• To provide a unified voice when addressing issues relating to the interests of members and the industry as a whole.
• To promote the growth and advancement of the TVC production industry in Indonesia to match standards of those within the region and the rest of the world

Who’s in IPFII?

“IPFII is meant for production companies. In a way it’s more a business association somewhat like the advertising agencies’ association (PPPI) which has the business interests of its members as its primary objective” Asih continued.

“IPFII welcomes any company whose principal business is in the production of TV commercials. There are a number of “hybrid” companies which produce corporate profiles or documentaries and music videos other than commercials. These companies work under different constraints and have different client bases from that of companies who specialize in commercial production” Bunda added.

“In the production of TV commercials, we sometimes have to match the international standards set by multi-national clients and agencies, and these agencies and clients may have to answer to their regional or global superiors. We also have to deal with locally manufactured products which have to compete against those of multi-nationals. At times, we work under talented, award winning creative directors and teams in the agencies who have very exacting standards on how they want their commercials produced. As such, our production process is subjected to stringent vettings and approvals throughout” Rina added.

“There are more than 100 production companies other than those in the feature films industry; but from that number, less than 50 companies specialize or are predominantly involved in the production of TV commercials. Of those, a number are semi-dormant or subsidiaries of advertising agencies, what we sometimes call “in-house” production companies for their parent companies. From the time of the first GM till now, we’ve only identified 30 odd companies which are actually “actively employed and engaged” in the production of TV commercials”, adds Asih.

What are IPFII’s immediate and long term goals?

“A lot has to be done”, says Kemal, the youngest in the industry elected into IPFII’s Presidium. “We have to liase with the ad agencies’ association and the advertisers’ association with the hope of assuring them that we will continue to work towards giving them the best value for their investment in TV commercials, and also liase with the association of production crew to ensure a high level of expertise and ethics in our workplace without neglect for crew’s welfare and their continuing professional training” he added.

“It’s not easy, but we have to start somewhere, sometime” added Rina.

Members who have enrolled so far:-
01. 25 Frames
02. Absolute Pictures
03. ADA Production
04. Alang-Alang Production
05. Apple Box Picture
06. Axis Films
07. BaaroQa Films
08. Fast Films
09. Film Worksindo
10. Five Monkeys Production
11. Gama Pratama
12. Gravity Film
13. Inno Maleo Films
14. Jakarta Pelangi
15. Kemistry
16. Kreasi Cinema
17. Lynx Indocinema
18. Mustika Production
19. Nayfosindo Production
20. Netracom
21. Orange-Waterland Films
22. Passion Picture
23. RT Films
24. Sniper Filmwork
25. Square Box
26. Velocity Productions
27. Visi Caldecott


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